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April 30 2017

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Cosmic Fog Milk and Honey Review
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Cosmic Fog Vape Juice Line

Cosmic Fog Vape Juices

Cosmic Fog Vape Juice has been around for a long time. It is a premium vape juice line that is made in California, like most of the rest of the companies. They have their own lab where they manufacture all of their juices.
They have 4 great vape juices Milk and Honey, Church, Nutz, and Cola Gummy.
Milk and Honey is a great desert vape. The sweet taste of milk, honey, and marshmallow is a great afterdinner vape. The flavor isn't too strong making this one an all day vape.
Church is an ice cream sundae flavor. The strongest flavor in their vape juice is the vanilla ice cream. It has a touch of hot fudge with a cherry on top. The flavors are perfectly balanced in this one, the chocolate is not too overpowering like most other juices.
Nutz is a strawberry and almond vape juice. Cosmic fog describes this flavor as strawberry jelly spread over almost butter that is topped with whipped cream. This is a really complex flavor and cream lovers will like the creamy aftertaste.
Cola Gummy has gotten mixed reviews from the vaping community, people either competely love it or its not for them. Cola gummy is exactly like the candy cola gummy bottles. Chances are if you don't like the candy, you won't like this vape juice.

Best Vape Juice Brands

Today, we are looking at several different brands of vape juice.
First and formost we have the Halo Vape Juice Line. Halo is produced by Nicopure labs.
Halo has several flavors Tribeca, Torque56, Shamrock, and Subzero.
Tribeca is the best selling tobacco flavor. The flavor has hints of vanilla a camel in it. Halo sells it in Max VG and 70/30 VG/PG Ratios. They have several nicotine levels 0mg-24mg
Torque56 is also a tobacco flavored juice. This Vape juice is for the heavy tobacco smoker who wants a strong tobacco flavor to remind him about his smoking days.
Shamrock is composed of Mint and Chocolate. This flavor is very similar to the Thin Mint girl scout cookies. The Vape juice is very well balanced with the mint not being too strong to overpower the flavor of the Chocolate. This is overall a good vape with a good throat hit and a flavor packed taste
Subzero is a flavor that all menthol lovers will adore. It is halo's second best flavor. It has a super strong menthol, mint, and koolada taste to it. I tried some of this in my sub ohm tank and i could barely take it it was so minty. One reviewer actually said it "froze his teeth off". This juice is unlike other sweet menthol blends. People use this vape juice to mix it into other blends to add a cool sensation to their other juices.
Halo has been around for a long time and everybody knows about it in the vaping world!

April 15 2017

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Red Zone Vapes Vape Juice Review

There is a new vape juice line on the market called Red Zone Vapes. It is made by the same company that manufacturers Crepe Vapes. They have four great flavors all inspired by famous NFL Players.
1. Montana - Strawberry Watermelon. I didn't think this flavor was going to be as great as it was, when i looked at the flavor description i rolled my eyes and thought this seems pretty generic. This flavor tastes exactly like the bubbleicious watermelon gum. So spot on I couldn't believe it.
2. Marino - A chocolate covered pretzel flavor. Most chocolate flavors don't capture the chocolate flavor properly but this Chocolate was spot on, tasted just like hersheys. The flavor of the pretzel was unique and left the taste of pretzel on your tongue on the exhale
3.Manning- Orange Sports drink flavor. Haven't tried it yet, will get back to you guys.
4.Brady - Hazelnut butter cream. Will let you guys know soon
These vape juices will soon be available at https://vapesupplyclub.com

April 07 2017


Vape Shop Owners Subreddit on Reddit

There is a new subreddit for Vape Shop Owners and customers to learn about new things that they should know for their business. New e liquids, vape hardware, accessories, and regulations. Check it out https://www.reddit.com/r/VAPE_SHOP_NEWS/

April 05 2017

You live ten minutes from giants stadium and you cheer for the fuckin cowboys
— Artie Lange
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